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Russian Academy of Sciences
Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits (IAGOD)

"Placers and Weathered Rock Deposits: Facts, Problems and Ways to Solve Them"
22-26 August 2005,
Perm', Russia

Inter-Department Committee on Ore Formation and Metallogeny
Institute on Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy and Geochemistry (IGEM RAS)
Perm' Territory Administration
Urals Branch of RAS
Committee on Mineral Resources of Perm' Territory
Perm' State University (PSU)
IAGOD Commission on Placer Deposits (COPD)
International Geoscience Programme (IGCP). Russian National Committee of Geologists
Joint-Stock Company "Uralkaliy"
Joint-Stock Company "Ural-diamond mine"

Chairman of the Organizing Committee - Academician Nikolay A. Shilo (IGEM RAS)
Vice-chairwoman - Prof. Natalia G. Patyk-Kara (IGEM RAS)
Scientific Secretary - Dr. Vladimir A. Naumov (PSU)

Regional minerogeny of placers and weathered rocks (PWR). New genetic and economic types of PWR deposits. Mineralogy and geochemistry. Prospecting and exploration. New analytic approaches. Mining, benefication and economic evaluation. Marketing. Ecological aspects of development. Others.

Topics to be proposed for discussion:
1. Placers and weathered rock mineral deposits (PWR) of activated platforms and fold belts.
2. Epochs of placer and crust of weathering formation; their evolution through the Earth's history.
3. Large and super-large PWR mineral deposits.
4. Artificial recycling mineral deposits: assessment and development.
5. Periglacial alluvial units and related mineral deposits.
6. Complex assessment and development of PWR mineral deposits.
7. New technologies of prospecting, exploration, mining and benefication of PWR mineral deposits.
8. Ecological aspects related to development of PWR mineral deposits.
9. Information technologies in study of PWR mineral deposits.

EXCURSIONS During the Symposium (one-day):
С1. Perm' as an area of the Permian sediments distribution: one-day geological excursion.
С2. Town of Kungur: Kungur ice cave.
С3. Khokhlovka Village: Wood architecture of Near-Kama district. Pre-(А)- and Post-Symposium (В) field trips:
А1 and В1. Joint-Stock Company "Uralkaliy": visit to the salt-mine and gold-bearing technogenic deposits of tailings (1-2 days)
А2. Periglacial alluvial units of the Kama River and mineral deposits related to them (2 days).
B2. Joint-Stock Company "Ural-diamond mine": visit to diamond-bearing placers and mines (2 days).
В3. Placer mine "Shaldinka": observation of gold mines and gold digging "with your own hand" (2 days).
В4. Tuffisites of Chikman River - observation and discussion on place (2 days).

Registration fee (approximately):
Member - US $ 200,
Accompanying member - US $100,
Student - US $ 60.

Abstracts are to be not more than two printed pages (A4 format). Author should present two hard copies (ready for printing) and a MS Word file on floppy-disk, CD or as e-mail copy.
Editing and reprinting of abstracts will be realized in extraordinary cases. Sample of abstract layout:


Smith H.1, Jones K.2
1 - Geological University; Toronto, Canada,
2 - …………………….

A title and text of abstract must be printed with the use of Arial 10 pt. Please do not use hyphens and blanks within the text. If you use unusual fonts or symbols on pictures it must be mentioned apart. New paragraphs are divided by blank lines. References: [Jones, 1996] - if this paper was put into references list. Every picture should be supplied also as a file in tif, jpg, or pcx format.

Official languages of the Symposium are Russian and English

Scientific meetings August 22-26.2005
Field trips 26 August 20-21, 27-28. 2005


August 22-26. 2005 Perm', Russia

Short reference: The Symposium will take place in the Urals region famous by gold, PGM, diamond, rare metal placers and weathered rock deposits. The Urals is the oldest mining region of Russia, known from the beginning of the XVIII century. Some field excursions over the Kama River valley, with visiting gold and diamond mines and famous Kungur icy cave, and Workshop of the IGCP «Global Correlation of the Late Cenozoic Fluvial Deposits» are planed.

Permian State University stands as the main receiving organization.
  • Inter-Departmental Committee on Ore Formation of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
  • Permian Territories Authorities
  • Urals Branch of RAS
  • Natural Resources Administration on Permian Territories of MNR
  • Permian State University
  • IAGOD Commission on Placer deposits (COPD)
  • Joint-Stock Company «Uralkaly»
  • Joint-Stock Company «Ural-diamond mine»
Main dates:
The 1st Circular - September 2004.
The 2nd Circular - April 2005.

Contact persons:
Prof. Natalia Patyk-Kara, IGEM RAS, Tel. (7-095) 230 8427,
Fax: (7-095) 230 2179, pkara@igem.ru
Dr. Vladimir Naumov, Perm' State University, naumov@psu.ru
Prof. Boris Osovetsky, Perm' State University, minmuseum@psu.ru

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