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The Institute of Natural Science of Perm State National Research University published a monograph «Geochemical Barriers and Environmental Protection» by N. G. Maximovich and E. A. Khayrulina... More in detail
The book «Safety of dams on soluble rock (The Kama hydroelectric power station as an example)» devoted to technical aspects of constructing hydraulic structures where soluble rocks are present in the foundations was published in December, 2006...  More in detail
The book «George Alexeievich Maximovich» devoted to outstanding Russian geologist, karst researcher and Professor of Perm State University was published in May, 2004Е  More in detail
The book «Geologist Ц Karst Researcher K. A. Gorbunova» devoted to distinguished Russian karst researcher and Assistant Professor of Perm State University was published in June, 2002Е  More in detail
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