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Maximovich N. Use of geochemical barriers environment restoration/ N. Maximovich [Электронный ресурс] 33rd International Geoiogical Congress, 6-14August 2008, Oslo, Norway. - Oslo, 2008. - 1 элнктрон. опт. Диск (Adstract CD-ROM).

Nickolay Maximovich, Institute of Natural Sciences of Perm State University (Russian Federation)

In industrial centers there is a set of contamination sources (waste water, areas with waste products, sumps, etc.). They result in local technogenic geochemical anomalies that negatively influence on the environment. The formation of such anomalies is frequently connected with technogenic migration of pollutants in water flows. The limitation methods of pollution expansion are worked out for decreasing of its negative effect. One of such methods is usage of artificial geochemical barriers. These methods are based on a decreasing of technogenic migration of polluting components by means of change them to non-migrating forms. A number of examples of their practical use for environmental protection in Russian territory is presented such as refining of waste water from suspended particles, neutralisation of acid mine waters and flows from mine heaps, decrease of sulphate content in service waters, decrease of sulphate aggressiveness of underground waters and biochemical destruction of oil pollution.
The natural materials or other materials, for example, alkaline waste was used for creation of artificial geochemical barriers. The application of such methods allows to avoid building of expensive refining objects since the present methods require considerably less costs.

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