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Gorbunova K.A., Maximovich N.G. Karst breccia - as a genetic variety of quaternery deposits // Abstracts Int. union for Quaternary research XIII Int. congress, Beijing, China,1991.-P.117. /0,06/


K. A. Gorbunova, N. G. Maximovich

Breccated unconsolidated and coherent sediments are absent in the genetic classifications of Quaternary deposits, widely distributed in karat regions, Thney occur on the territories composed of karstified rockst limestones, dolomites, gypsum, anhydrites, rock solt and others.
The most favorable situations of their formation: interbedding in the section of lithologlcally hete ogenous rocks, i.e. gypsum-anhydrite benches with simestone-dolomite ones.
Karst breccias as a genetic variety of Quaternary deposits are characterized by the following features: confinement to the distribution areas of karstified rock, fast alternation of thicknesses during the frequent pinching out, by sharp and rough boundaries, neterogeneity of granulometric composition (from clay particles to gruss and blocks), by the absence of orientation and rook debris roundness (excluding allochthonous alluviua), by the absence of stratifi kation and sorting.
Karst breccias are formed in the result of karst processes, i.e. mainly the processes of selective solution and leaching respectively well-soluted in natural waters karstified rocks (salts, gypsum, an hydrites in less degree-limestones and dolomites) and followed by brecciating, collapse of interstra ified and overlapping then (less karstified or nonkarstified rocks). They are formed in the result of gypsum crystallization in the rock fissures.
Distribution areas of karst brecoia differ in specific geoIogleal-engineering and hydrogeological conditions.
Karst breccias represent the genetic variety of arst sediments which probably can be singled out in. agenetic type of Quaternary deposits (the guiding geological process is karst).

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