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Gorbunova K. A. , Maximovich N. G. The Program of Investigation in Kungur Ice Cave // Newsletter. Geology, Climate, Hydrology and Karst Formation. Project IGCP 299. Guilin (China). 1994. P.36.


K.A.Gorbunova, N.G.Maximovich

Since 1992 Perm University together with Kungur station of the Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences carries on complex investigation of Kungur ice cave in accordance with the scientific program "Universities of Russia". The cave of 5.6 km length is located in the vicinity of Kungur City, Perm region. It is formed in gypsum and anhydrite interbedded by limestone and dolomite of Kungur stage, Lower Permian. The program mentioned covers mineralogical-petrophysical, hydrochemical, hydrogeological, geophysical researches, regime observations. Mineral composition of bed rocks and cave neogenesis is studied by crystal optics, immersion, roentgenostructural methods. In 80 samples got from different parts of the cave there were discovered kaolinite, smectite, allophane, fluorite, celestine and other minerals previously unknown here. After hydrochemical testing of drops, karst and lake water, ice, the processes and conditions of their chemical composition formation were characterized. Main parameters of cave karst water level, mineralization and temperature are determined from observation data of several years. The contours of water table are mapped, they give the idea of karst water dynamics in karsting massif. Kungur station continues the observation of humidity, temperature, degree and the state of Ice formations. The ultimate aim of investigation is the deepening of theoretical knowledge of regularities of gypsum ice cave formation, the development of recommendations concerning preservation of natural regime and protection of the most visited tourist cave in Russia.

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