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Blinov S.M., Maksimovitch N.G. Application of geochemical barriers for safe waste burial // Scientific - technical potential of the Western Urals for conversion of military industrial complex : International Seminar : Abstracts. - Perm, 2001.- P.21-22.


Blinov S. M., Maksimovitch N. G.

To protect environment from pollution during waste burial, it is suitable to use methods based on geochemical barrier application. These methods do not require great expenses and are technologically simple in application as compared to conventional ones. They are based on the transformation of polluting components into slow-moving and safe for the environment forms. It is possible to use herein both existing natural geochemical barriers and purposeful creation of artificial barriers. As materials for creation of barriers depending on agents of contamination, natural materials or other agents such as industrial wastes could be used. Experience gained by authors within recent years of research showed the possibility of barrier application under different situations. A number of methods for environmental protection from pollution with the involvement of geochemical barriers has been developed and partially introduced. Storage of wastes from Pashija metallurgic engineering and cement plant at non-equipped slime depot resulted in pollution of underground waters of the river Pashiika. For the new map of slime depot together with colleagues from Moscow University we have offered a creation of multi-layer barrier-screen at its base, on which fixing of contaminants into stable hardly soluble compounds occurs. At present, the construction works are being held. In Krasnovishersk region at the diamond deposit it is suggested to use ground filters formed in the channel of the river for purification of dredge flows. On the ground of Gubakha Chemical plant for which construction hard wastes of coal mining being unstable under surface conditions were used, it was offered to use combinations of barium to lower sulfate harshness of the grounds and underground waters. The same method was suggested to reduce sulfates in quarry waters at coal elevation in Buryatia. All these methods undergone experimental-industrial testing. Laboratory investigations proved the possibility of application of different industrial wastes under creating of geochemical barriers for environmental protection from pollution. Soda production wastes could be used for lowering the intensity of sulfate process at the places of storage and release of coal mining wastes in Kizel coal basin. To reduce consequences of emergency from the oil industry the method of use the wastes from aclivaieii coal has been developed.

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