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Maximovich N.G., Maximovich E.G. Role of K.A. Gorbunova in studying of karst hydrogeology and ecosystems // Proceedings from the international Conference on Karst Hydrogeology and Ecosystems, Bowling Green, Kentucky USA, June 3-6, 2003. P.25.

Role of K. A. Gorbunova in studying of karst hydrogeology and ecosystems

N. G. Maximovich, E. G. Maximovich

Klara A. Gorbunova - distinguished Russian karst researcher (1925-1996), worked at Perm State University more than 45 years. She made essential contributions to the research of karst regionalization, typology, morphology, hydrogeology, hydrology, and geochemistry as well as the history of its studying. The significant part of her works is devoted to scientific speleology. Her contribution to the research of gypsum karst is especially noteworthy. She for the first time has carried out typological regionalization of karst of the USSR.
K. A. Gorbunova is the author of 333 scientific works, including 8 monographs and a number of popular scientific works. Many works are devoted to karst hydrology and hydrogeology. It is necessary to note the works devoted to lakes of carbonate and sulfate karst, and their typification and classification on conditions of recharge and discharge. In the 1950s K. A. Gorbunova was one of the first to draw attention to the problem of technogenic pollution of karst waters.
She carried out researches of hydrogeological conditions, geochemistry and mineralogy of unique karst phenomena - Kungur Ice Cave (Perm region, Russia) and their connection with conditions of its formation.
Karst areas were considered by K. A. Gorbunova as unique ecosystems having specific features and demanding the special approach at conducting economic activities on them. A number of karst objects of Ural offered by her for protection are now state-protected natural territories.
In 2002 the book about K. A. Gorbunova where aspects of her scientific activity are considered was published.

Authors: Nickolai G. Maximovich, Ph. D., Elena G. Maximovich, Ph. D.
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