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Maximovich N.G. Impacts of Kizel coal mining on environment (Abstract) // Newsletter. Guilin, China, 2004. P.93.


Maximovich, N. G

Kizel Coal Basin is 200 km north of Perm, western Ural. More than 50 elements are usually occurred in coal seams, and 12 of them enjoy a concentration 10~1000 times higher than the general background. The coal measures of Kizel Basin are of Lower Carboniferous with carbonate rocks. The depth of karstification is 1000~1100 m. The water discharge from the coal mine could be 2500 m3/per hour when karstified strata is encountered, and series of environmental problems followed. Moreover, there are a lot of sulfide and sulfate minerals, such as pyrite, gypsum in the coal measures, which made the geochemical features of the coal mine water complicated, e.g, there are acidic water (pH=2~3), or water with high TDS (35 mg/l). Although the Kizel Coal mine has been stopped operation, the acidic and hard water is still self-flowing, and damaging the karst ecosystem of the region.

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